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World's finest crystallized  gold specimens

The Colorado Quartz mine is famous for having produced "The Dragon", "Bristlecone Pine" "El Fuego" and other rare and sought after gold specimens. With the reopening of the mine in late 2017 you can now follow along on the exciting discovery of the newest world class golds.


The Colorado Quartz mine has been around since the gold rush of the 1800's and gone through various stages of development and ownership. Along with the Mockingbird Mine and the Artru these 3 mines along the Colorado Dike have produced some of  the finest gold specimens in existence. Dave Varabioff and Tony Fraser bought the mine from the previous owner in the spring of 2017 and Dave relocated to California to keep the dream of the worlds finest gold specimens alive. Since 2017 there have been a few smaller specimens recovered from old workings using modern technology and then in late 2018 and now into early 2019 a new zone has been discovered  that is producing some of the finest gold that has been discovered on the planet in many years. Our mission is to continue to develop and explore the property and bring forth to the world more world class gold specimens and make available to collectors and gold enthusiasts some of the most sought after gold available.

From mine to market!

One of the unique things about us is that we are a complete resource for the gold found in the mine. We mine it, prepare it and sell it direct! We have been well known in  the gold community for over 25 years and our combined experience and knowledge of over 50 years allows us to ensure your experience and acquisition of one of these fine specimens has every detail and question covered. 

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Ben Nicolson
Geologist and Collector

The Colorado gold is simply some  of the best that you will find anywhere. Its unique and rare nature and very diverse possibility of so  many different types of crystallization and growth patterns has this mine be one of the ones where one specimen is not enough to complete your collection from this localle. Bring on the gold! I need more!

Rosie Hanson
curator mgmm

Its  been a long time since there has been any significant finds of California crystallized gold. The Mockingbird, Artru and Colorado Quartz are the source of some of the most sought after collectible golds on the planet. I am happy that Dave and Tony are working the mine and bringing specimens back available to the discerning buying public

Peter Megaw
geologist and chairman Tgms

As a geologist I love hearing about new discoveries and world class mineral specimens being brought to the light of day. When I found out Dave and Tony have started to discover new pockets of crystallized gold I knew it was time to have them displayed to the world at the main show in Tucson 2019 main show. I look forward to seeing the newest finds and wish you luck in finding future golds for the world to enjoy.

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